The Concept


A Windvane self steering system is valuable equipment for bluewater and shorthanded sailors. It provides big advantages compared with an electrical autopilot:

·         The windvane does not need electricity,

·         The windvane is more powerful in strong winds and big waves

·         The yacht maintains maximum speed and balance

·         The yacht can sail close to the wind at maximum speed

·         A Windvane is very reliable, the system is mechanical and repairable.


“On a passage there is no more reliable helmsman than a windvane….“


The concept of the Holland Windvane has its origin in the 1980’s and is very well known in the Netherlands as the BOUVAAN. The Holland Windvane is a professional design and has been thoroughly tested in computer simulation and on the water. Several hundreds have been built and are sailing from the Netherlands across the world’s oceans.


The philosophy of the Holland Windvane is characterised by:

·         strong construction

·         all-round excellent performance

·         easy repairs and modifications

·         low investment, high return


This unique concept of standard materials together with a well documented handbook which includes building instruction makes it possible for the sailor to be self-sufficient in every part of the world.



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