Photo Gallery


Maxi 999

Hallberg Rassy 34

Westerly Storm 33 (pendulumrudder not stowed)

Van de Stadt 34

Winner 9.50 (pendulumrudder not stowed)

Elongated frame

Amphitrite 43

Pendulumrudder safely stowed, protected by frame

Rotating frame for walk through transom on Arcona 40 (Ostar2005)

Detail hinge

Vancouver 27, transom hung rudder

U-frame around transom hung rudder

Autopilot coupled with Holland Windvane

Detail autopilot connected on vane head


Sigma 362, customized frame

Mounting on negative stern

Frame above transom hung rudder

Etap 28i with “contra-tiller”

Removable frame with Holland Windvane

…and with swimming ladder

Detail “contra-tiller” without steering lines


Asymmetrical frame for easy access of swimming ladder on Jeanneau Selection 37.

Detail: hinge in crossbar


Note: Do not sandblast stainless steel! These 2 pictures show

         the result

right hand

right hand